Our Services

We boast a capable team of individuals provide various services to the hospitality industry.  Our expertise arise from our experience in various sectors from consultancy services to retail operations.  Listed below are our service offerings that could cater to your needs:


Would you like to be a franchisee/licensee of GRID 9 ?  It includes:

  • Use of the successful GRID 9 brand
  • Support through the entire hotel setup process (from planning to operations stage)
  • Ongoing training, infrastructure and marketing support
  • Implementation of our standard operating procedures  (SOP)

Pre-Opening Consultancy

One of the most challenging aspects of starting a business is actually deciding to pursue it.  We can help make this decision a little easier through :

  • Performing a feasibility study on the proposed project
  • Forecasting the ROI and budget requirements
  • Providing industry insight on current market trends & potential


Project Management

Setting up a business is at times a daunting task, one needs to be compliant with the law, procure quality products with limited budget and ensure the business is setup within the forecasted timelines.  We are able to provide the following :

  • Obtain required licenses and industry accreditation
  • Develop a proposed project timeline with key milestones
  • Project management ensuring progress and budgets are adhered to
  • Procure equipment/systems required to operate the business


Business Management/Operations

Managing/Operating a business is at times tedious and painful.  This however can be simplified with proven operating procedures implemented and capable talent overseeing the business.  We have an operations system that provide:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that standardize and integrate the   operations of each department
  • Key performance indicators (KPI’s) that ensures the right individuals are retained
  • Sales and marketing strategies to position ourselves within the target market
  • Reports that provide a full understanding of the past/current/future performance of   the hotel from a financial, marketing and operations perspective


Other Services (Branding and corporate image)

We also focus on brand and corporate image management.  Every brand needs a story, we built one that’s appealing to the target market and ensure we reach out to them.

The above is a summary of our services, please contact us for further information at :

+6012 287 1107 (Jon)/+6012 398 2078 (kenny)/ jonathan@gridhotels.com