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This quarantine feels like a terrible time for our cars to be sitting in garage as you can’t drive anywhere and enjoy the holidays but this is also a good time to take your car through a thorough maintenance considering you won’t have to worry how long it takes for the vehicle to return which would interfere with your daily tasks. So before you could drive down your car to the maintenance garage check a few things:

  • Check filters

Gas and air filters are a necessary part of cars and automobile. They make sure that the efficiency of car is at its peak because dirty or broken filters can surely cost a huge damage to your vehicle. Considering your cars must be sitting in your driveway or park for quite some time there are sure to be damaged fuel filters waiting to be fixed.

  • Check oiling

It is a proven fact that any vehicle which isn’t in use since quite some time, its auto spare parts in Dubai would require proper lubrication and oiling to make sure that the vehicle runs smoothly. This becomes all the more important for vehicles during the summer time considering the soaring temperatures which would need heavier oil lubrication.

  • Give it a new look

We understand you must be tired of driving the same car around and let’s be serious, some cars are closer to our hearts than anything as they are comfortable to drive which is why you may not want to switch it. What you can do instead is look for a BMW body kit which would fix up your car and give it a brand new shiny look. 

  • Wash it up

If you are not ready for a complete new look, then we believe you could be ready for a serviced look. Grab your buckets of water and soap and bring out your family for a creative and refreshing car wash up day. This is also a great activity idea during the lockdown for children as they must be craving for some activity. You will be shocked to see the whole dust washing away and a new look of your car coming up in the view.

There are so many other maintenance tips which you can look out for, what really matters is the smooth functionality of the mobile.