December 4, 2020
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It is hard to believe that a thing that keeps us fit and it is a secret of living a longer life could give any disadvantage to us. But the fact it that it actually does in different ways that we can’t even think of or never given it a thought. In this article, you will be reading but the lesser known disadvantages of keeping yourself fit. Exercising with a  personal fitness trainer in UAE is all about ‘no pain, no gain’ and if you ever been in a gym and you have to do some exercising that become a pain and feels like a fatigue, then that means it is working. You must be wondering, why it is supposed to hurt? Well, this is because hurting means that your body is burning fat and since your body is not used to it, don’t worry, it will become habitual if you do it every day without fail.

There are people who leave the gym and exercising because the pain they bear can be unbearable for them. Some people complained that they cannot sleep and some said that they can’t even walk properly. And if you started a gym under the guidance of a personal trainer for weight loss in UAE and now you have left the gym due to this, what will happen that your body will become slow and it is a bad thing for your body. This is not a chronic pain so, make that if you feel pain, tell that to your gym instructor and he/she will make sure that you do soft and easy exercises.

There are people who are over confident and we all know that it can kill you or rather yet destroy you. And this mostly happens at the gym when the instructor is not around and the participants mess around. They usually challenge each other for a brawl or for how much a person can life a weight. The brawl will definitely get you injured and for the second challenge, people pick up weight more than they can carry and they black out and some even had cardiac arrest. This can cause a big problem for the gym owner or the instructor as well, because people will think that this was done under their supervision. There can many injuries which can become chronic and which can lead you to stay in bed for the rest of your life.