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Now people are very eager to travel to Dubai and UAE on visit visa for a quick trip because many people who have international clients will like to go there for a meeting and invite their clients there too. Also people will like to go there for different other purposes, no matter what the purpose for going there people have to choose a visa type and timing to go there. They can get 90 days visit visa Dubai or they can get 30 days UAE visa. There are other options too but one has to select according to the need of their visit and take care of the amount which they have to pay. There is some additional information which you need to know about UAE visa to get more out of it. Here is the information for you:

Speed up: If you want to speed up the process of getting visa you can show the entry and exit page of your passport in the application if you are a frequent traveller or if you visit there in the last year. It will give a positive impression and you will get your visa soon. Another method to speed up is that if you have any relative living there then they can invite you from there and you have to show the invitation letter from the relative, their residency proof and their passport copy and your visa processing time will be reduced.

Travel with kids: If you are travelling with your kids then you have to take care of few things. You should upload photo, passport copy along with the birth certificate of your kid or kids in your application. You have to upload all these and make sure that the birth certificate should be in English or Arabic otherwise you need get the attested copy of that. These are the details about kid’s visa and now about the parent’s visa, you have to upload the copy of that page of the passport in which your kid’s presence is mentioned along with your photo and passport copy. You have to choose the option of accompanied applicant when you are entering details about your kids. When you do not have birth certificate in English or Arabic then you have to use translated certificate which should be attested on the same page of certificate.