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Companies dealing in metal fabrication throughout Dubai would need to place emphasis on surviving in the market. Such companies need to get their hands on new initiatives to smoothen the fabrication process.

Types of metal fabrication: Fabrication refers to a process that cuts, shapes and then form a material into the final product that goes out in the market. There are two types of metal fabrications, metal and plastic fabrications.

Surviving in the market: Weight of materials  decide how far would they survive in the market. When it comes to weight of metals plastics are the clear winner due to them being lighter although they do not last long. Metal products from fabrications will always have an edge over plastic when it comes down to strength. Fabricated metal comprises of steel, magnesium, iron, aluminum and copper. It is pertinent to mention that each of these metals vary grade wise so does the fabrication level.

More value in fabrication of metals: In comparison to plastic, fabrication of metal tend to be more versatile and in that way workers see value in their work. For instance fabricated metals have a wide range of processes from casting, deep drawing, welding, forging, soldering  and chipping.

Incorporating industry 4.0: Before jumping right away to the functionality of industry 4.0, importance should be given to understanding this concept. This industrial revolution is about rolling out robots and machines to perform the most complex of tasks that might prove to be harmful for labours.

Precise results: Automation of the fabrication industry can be done in beam lines, laser cutting technologies and machinery. Tasks including welding, bending and finally cutting can be done precisely and accurately in comparison to labours. Integration of automation in the fabrication industry would make it efficient by requiring less time to complete a task done by manual labours.

Employees to focus on important tasks: Effectiveness of automation would be shown by giving time to employees to work on other tasks such as handling software and remote controls to ensure that the machines are functioning normally. Automation and software go hand in hand by extracting data and identifying loopholes in how a welding session went wrong.

Conclusion: The one company that has the potential to offer quality fabricated materials goes by the name “Franz & Olsen Engineering Services”. Learn more about this company.