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Previously there were only big microphones and big devices to help in recording voice but now you can do this work only with your own mobile phone. You do not need to go to an audio recording studio in Dubai as you can do this with your phone. To learn more about it, you have to see this below:

App: Most of the phones have the built-in voice recording app but if you do not have any in your phone then you can go for the camera app and keep the camera off because you only need to record your voice and not your face. If you are not comfortable with that then you can use any free voice recording app in your phone which are easily available on the app store of your phone.

Place: You need to have a quiet place for recording so that there will be no distraction between you and your voice recording. If you start that in a noisy room then you will not get the desired results from your recording. You need to select the room which is very quiet and no one should be going around you because it will distract your thoughts and you will get out of track.

Protect: When you are going to record with your own phone then you need to take care of the microphone too because there should be no wind around the Mic otherwise your voice will be not clear when you listen to it afterwards. If you are in a windy room then you will get so much distraction after the recording of your voice. You have to record with your fan off because it also creates the windy effect during your recording.

Check: You need to check the sound after a small recording so that you will know about it before you spend too much time in your recording. First record for a few minutes and then listen to it again and again and see if you get the best voice version of yourself or not. If you get any noise then try to eradicate that voice and then again listen to it. Do not record your full audio until you are fully satisfied with the voice of your recording. This last part of checking voice is very much important in this work.