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When there are workers working closely with each other and with the close relation to the machinery then there will always be the chance of any mishap and accident. To avoid such things it is necessary that people in such dangerous situations will get the health and safety awareness training. It is not necessary to provide this training to all of the employees but you can provide this too few of them in depth and in general to others so that they can help each other in the time of need. To know more about IOSH managing safely you have to see this:

First aid: Every company and especially the factories have first aid boxes in them but the main thing is that how many of the employees know how to use them. There was no exact training for them to make them aware of it and that is why when there will be a mishap then people do not know about how to use that first aid box. On the other hand people should also know about the requirement of their work and they have to make the first aid accordingly. If there is a factory with inflammable items then they should have the first aid accordingly.

Usage: Employees in a factory should know about the proper handling of their equipment and the usage of their tools. If an employee is unaware of all these things then how he can do his work correctly and his wrongly handled work cannot only become the hazard for himself but to the other employees also. There are several tools available in every factory and company which can be used to save lives too but to not aware of their usage people will not use them in time of need.

Rules: Along with all the other things there are rules which have to be followed by all people working under one roof. These people should follow the rule of helping each other without thinking about who is friend and who is not. They should be trained to keep themselves calm and panic free in times of emergency so that they can do what is important in that time. There are also rules present for the safety of the employees and they have to be followed by the employer otherwise employees can take a stand against him.