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A Short History of Dentistry

Dentistry is an art which has been since here from many thousands of years. Dentists were also called toothers and from this word to the word dentist, it took many years for this profession to gain popularity that it has now. Dentists back then used to practice their skills on people who used to complain about tooth aches. People then only understood that they had tooth ache what they didn’t know that what was their cause and it most times the only solution to tooth aches were to get the tooth out and there was anesthesia at that time and you can imagine what a person had to go through. Having a tooth ache was considered as a curse as well.

The first ever dentist tools and small rods were found in Mehgarh Neolithic Baluchistan, Pakistan. Archeologists were as usual digging up stuff when they found eleven teeth which has small holes in them and some of those teeth also had small rods drilled in them. The age of these were recorded was 7,000 B.C. Just after a few years, archeologists again script readers found some cravings on the walls of Egypt while digging deep in the pyramids, there they saw the name of Hesi-Re, he was said to be the Chief of Toothers. In the cravings, it was mentioned that Hesi-Re treated many gum diseases and knew about different dental injuries, toothache remedies and different tooth diseases as well.

Now, coming to 3,000 B.C., the ancient Greeks also have a history of tooth resolutions as well. The Hippocrates is known as the Father of Medicine and he wrote many books and scrolls on teeth problem. If it hadn’t been for Hippocrates, we still be having that same tooth pulling out solution to every tooth problem. But Hippocrates said that instead of just pulling every tooth out, one must observe about the person and when the pain occurs. In this books and scrolls, he mentioned many ways of making tooth ointment and oral tissues cauterization. Just like Hippocrates, Aristotle was another scholar who wrote many books on tooth as well. He wrote a book in where he mentioned that how pulling out tooth can be done without causing too much pain and he was the only one ever to mention about braces, because in his one book he mentioned about some wires attaching to teeth which is not balanced or which are weak.