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Diabetes is a vulnerable condition as the one having it, had to face a lot of problems. The person feels lethargic most of the time and is unable to perform daily life activities. Diabetes is divided into two main types that is diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2. Type 1 is very rare and is caused by an autoimmune disorder in which the beta cells of pancreas are completely destroyed. This will stop the production of insulin so no glucose could be absorbed by the cells. The only treatment of type 1 diabetes is taking exogenous insulin subcutaneously. Whereas diabetes type 2 is very common and in this condition the production of insulin is not completely absent but is insufficient for the body’s requirement. It can be controlled by oral medication if diagnosed earlier. Apart from all the pharmacological treatment, a proper diabetes diet plan is also very essential to control the condition in the best possible way. For this purpose there are a number of nutritionists in dubai who are well qualified in their profession and are able to advise the best healthy diet plan in Dubai for the diabetic patients living there.

Sufficient sleep:

A diabetic patient has to switch to a complete healthy lifestyle in order to control their condition. Having sufficient sleep will help a diabetic patient to manage his blood glucose levels within normal range. This is because a proper sleep at night makes a diabetic patient more alert in the next day. He feels more energetic and less stressful and is able to have an overall better mindset to control his blood glucose levels.

Diet plan

A sedentary lifestyle and too much intake of sugary food like chocolates, cakes and ice cream will enhance the chances of the person to become diabetic. Thus it’s consumption should be in moderate amount. But if a person is unfortunately diagnosed with diabetes then he have no other choice except eliminating sugar from his diet. He must consult an endocrinologist and nutritionist as soon as possible so that the treatment could start properly. Such patients are allowed to have vegetables when ever they want. Fruits are not harmful but still it’s intake should be in moderate quantity in a diabetic patient. On the other hand things like deserts, chocolates and ice-cream are strictly not allowed.