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To be the best dermatologist in Sharjah, there is a great need of doing some “thinking out of the box”. In this way the hospital gains First Mover Advantage within the healthcare sector.

Challenges of a conventional set up: There were times when even one of the most decorated dermatologists would not be able to  detect skin cancers. Normally the scenario would pan out in a way that an individual has been exposed to the sun leading to the skin being burnt. Over time the individual skins worsens and he or she would be diagnosed with skin cancer after visiting a dermatologist. It is also the sole responsibility of the dermatologist to increase awareness of skin cancers.

Standard procedures: The normal procedure for detecting skin cancer is to conduct a series of tests and examinations, upon the conclusion of the tests the dermatologist would prescribe medications. The patient would be referred to a well known oncologist who would guide the patient during chemo therapy sessions. This leads to hair loss amongst the many other side effects post chemotherapy sessions.

Getting the best out of AI: The main goal of incorporating the likes of Artificial Intelligence(AI) is to detect skin cancer at the earliest so that patients can be prevented from going through chemotherapy sessions. An innovative dermatologist would get his or her hands on “Image Recognition Technologies” which comes from AI. This technology does an amazing when it comes to identifying images of skin cancer, moles and lesions as accurately as that of the best dermatologist. This technology works by developing pattern recognition skills. Although such a technology is still in its initial phase as such an initiative needs to be vigorously tested before launching it on a global scale. It comes down to it being superbly accurate without any risks.

The notion of being replaced: Dermatologists fear that initiatives like Artificial Intelligence could overtake their jobs which is not necessarily true. The dermatologist is required to study the findings derived from this technology. Apart from studying the findings, the technology would have to be operated through an application. The one company that has the potential to get the best out of AI goes by the name “Prime health”. For more information regarding the services offered by the hospital  click to read.